Collection: £1 And Under Religious Items

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of beautiful items priced at £1 and under. Here, you will find a wide range of practical and contemporary gifts, souvenirs, and collectables that cater to all your religious needs.

Discover a variety of medals that represent different saints and religious figures, each carrying its own spiritual significance and meaning. Our prayer cards offer heartfelt messages and prayers that help you connect with your faith in times of need, while our mass cards provide a reverent way to honour loved ones during Mass.

No Catholic collection would be complete without a selection of rosaries, and our affordable options in this range ensure that everyone can enjoy the peace and solace that comes with the act of prayer.

Whether you are looking for a small token to remind you of your faith or seeking a thoughtful gift for a fellow believer, our £1 and under section has something for everyone. Start browsing now to find the perfect addition to your spiritual practice, or pick up a few items to share with friends and family. Thank you for choosing our website as your source for all things Catholic.

One Pound And Under