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9cm San Damiano Icons Crucifix - Wall Hanging

9cm San Damiano Icons Crucifix - Wall Hanging

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Embrace the rich heritage of Franciscan spirituality with this 9cm San Damiano Icons Crucifix, designed for wall hanging. This beautifully crafted crucifix features the renowned San Damiano Cross, an icon deeply significant to the Franciscan Order.

The San Damiano Cross is famously known for its role in the life of St. Francis of Assisi. It was before this very cross that St. Francis received his divine calling to "rebuild my Church." This crucifix captures the intricate imagery of the original, with Christ at the centre surrounded by a host of biblical figures, each symbolising various aspects of His Passion and Resurrection.

Measuring 9cm in height, this crucifix is perfectly sized to fit into any space, providing a constant reminder of faith and devotion. It includes a convenient hook for easy wall hanging, making it ideal for personal prayer corners, home decor, or church settings.

This San Damiano Icons Crucifix not only serves as a powerful symbol of faith but also honours the Franciscan mission of peace, humility, and dedication to the Church. Made with attention to detail, it is a meaningful piece for anyone devoted to the teachings of St. Francis and the spiritual journey he represents.

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