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According to Your Word - John Keenan

According to Your Word - John Keenan

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According to Your Word - Rosary Meditations

by Bishop John Keenan

Praying the Mysteries of the Rosary through The Word & Art

by Antonia Moffat

 Bishop John Keenan, Bishop of Paisley in Scotland has formulated in heartfelt words the most beautiful reflections on all the sacred Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary - the Joyful, the Luminous the Sorrowful, and the Glorious.

 Each set of Mysteries is given a key verse from Scripture and then each Mystery is given a meditation which is divided into 3 sections … Listen, Ponder & Pray. They invite us to place our lives into the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to walk with her ever more securely into the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

 “O Blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet chain that unites us to God …” Bl. Bartholomew Longo

This is an innovative and inspired way of helping us to meditate with Scripture more deeply on each Mystery of the Rosary. For the Rosary is a Walk through the Life of Jesus with Mary.

 The reader is led into a journey ‘According to Your Word’, where you are invited to ponder Scripture and use it to understand more clearly what the Lord is saying to you at this very moment in your life. A life full of never ending complexities, changes, challenges, hopes, joys, amidst sorrows, griefs and great sufferings!


 Bishop John helps us to meander with Jesus and Mary through their lives, and invites us to unite our own lives with theirs. The simplicity and sensitivity of the meditations speaks to the depths of heart, mind and soul. The words are heartfelt, compassionate, full of Trust in the loving Mercy of God and come from a Bishop’s prayerful heart, so immersed in the daily praying of the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

 Added to this are the exquisite and beautiful Icons of Fr. Marco Runic SJ which bring to artistic life, the life giving meditations. Sometimes when praying the Rosary, you may wish to use just one of the sections, at other times all of them. When leading the Rosary you might use all, and at times just one section.

 There is something Eternal and consoling about this book which no words can express.

The Daughters of St. Paul in inviting Bishop John to write these Rosary meditations, to unite with the Icons of Fr. Marco, have paved the way for a new spiritual classic on the Rosary.

 I cannot recommend this Rosary book of Meditations highly enough!  

 “The Rosary is the Prayer dearest to Mary, most loved by the Saints, most frequently used by Christian peoples, most honoured by God with astounding wonders, most enriched with great promises by the Virgin.” Blessed Bartholomew Longo, Apostle of the Holy Rosary.


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