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Mother Angelica on Prayer and Living for the Kingdom

Mother Angelica on Prayer and Living for the Kingdom

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Join Mother Angelica on a journey to deepen your understanding of prayer and living a life that points to eternity in heaven with Jesus. In this inspiring collection of writings, Mother Angelica, a renowned television personality and spiritual leader, shares her wisdom and personal experience on the importance of prayer and living a life that is focused on the ultimate purpose.

This book brings together Mother Angelica's writings on prayer and living for the Kingdom, which inspired her extraordinary media ministry. Mother Angelica invites you into her world of prayer, exploring the different types of prayer that can be found in the Catholic Church's rich tradition. She also shares some of her original prayers that can enhance your daily spiritual life.

But Mother Angelica doesn't stop at prayer. She also offers practical guidance on developing the virtues and habits that ensure we are living for the Kingdom that does not end. She shows how everyday actions, such as work, relationships, and even daily routines, can be oriented towards heaven.

Through her words, Mother Angelica will inspire you to cultivate a deeper devotion to prayer and to live a life that is fully focused on eternity with Jesus. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their faith and live a life that truly points to the Kingdom of God.

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