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Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Dolor Rosary

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Dolor Rosary

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Join the devotion to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows with this beautiful Dolor Rosary, featuring a unique design that sets it apart from traditional rosaries. This rosary features black beads, symbolizing the mourning and sorrow of Our Lady's heart, while also representing the darkness and trials that we may face in life.

Between each group of seven black beads, a beautiful medal of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows is nestled, reminding us of her maternal love and compassion. The medal depicts Our Lady surrounded by seven swords, which represent the seven sorrows she experienced in her life, including the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, the loss of her cousin Elizabeth's child, the flight to Nazareth, the loss of her Son on the Cross, the bereavement after His death and finally, the burial of her Son.

This devotional rosary is a powerful reminder of Our Lady's presence in our lives and her role as our advocate and guide. It is a perfect gift for anyone seeking comfort, strength, and peace in times of sorrow or uncertainty. The unique design and symbolism of this rosary make it a treasured addition to any prayer collection.

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