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The CTS New Catholic: Standard Edition

The CTS New Catholic: Standard Edition

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"The CTS New Catholic Bible: Standard Edition" is the perfect choice for every Catholic seeking a comprehensive and accessible Bible for scripture study and private reading. Tailor-made to align with the exact English texts used by the Church at each Mass, this edition features brand-new notes and introductions edited by Vatican expert Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB. This attractive and durable volume offers an array of new elements to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the scriptures.

Each book of the Bible includes specially commissioned introductions that provide both biblical and historical context, as well as liturgical introductions that place the texts within the Church's liturgical year. Footnotes have been updated to reflect the latest scholarship, and new marginal references help you delve deeper into each passage. The layout has been modernized with clear and easy-to-read single-column formatting, and text alterations have been made to replace 'Yahweh' with 'the LORD' as requested by Benedict XVI for all new Bibles.

Additionally, directories of references for readings used in the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, including the fuller two-year cycle for the Breviary, are included to enrich your devotional practice. The standard edition features 8 pt text for the main body and 6 pt for footnotes, making it a versatile and reliable companion for every Catholic.

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