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Edith Stein and Companions: On the Way to Auschwitz

Edith Stein and Companions: On the Way to Auschwitz

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In the summer of 1942, a group of Catholic Jews, including the renowned philosopher and nun Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), were arrested by the Nazi occupying forces in Holland. Of the 113 individuals taken into custody, many were priests, nuns, and laypeople who would ultimately perish in concentration camps, including Auschwitz. These individuals were martyred not only because of their Jewish heritage, but also because of their faith and the Church's response to the Nazi regime.

This book is a testament to their lives and stories, compiled through extensive research in original and secondary sources. The biographies of these martyrs are presented in detail, accompanied by photographs that provide a personal glimpse into their lives. Among the remarkable conversion stories included is that of Edith Stein, who had entered the Church in 1922 and later became a Carmelite nun.

Many of these witnesses had already suffered for their faith in Christ before falling victim to Hitler's "Final Solution". They faced rejection by their own people, including family members, and persecution by those who claimed to be Christian. Yet, they accepted their cross willingly for the salvation of the world. Through this book, we are reminded of their courage, conviction, and ultimate sacrifice, and are given a deeper understanding of their lives and martyrdom.

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