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Our Lady of Ephesus

Our Lady of Ephesus

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For centuries, the question of where the Blessed Virgin spent her final days has sparked debate and speculation among Catholics and scholars alike. Did she remain in Jerusalem, or did she journey to Ephesus, where she lived out her final years with the Apostle John? In "Our Lady of Ephesus", Father Bernard Deutsch sets out to uncover the truth behind this enduring mystery.

With the meticulous attention of a detective, Father Deutsch delves into the historical records and accounts of the early Church, as well as the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, to piece together a compelling narrative. He presents a comprehensive and engaging account of the claims supporting both the Jerusalem and Ephesus traditions, revealing surprising insights and unexpected connections.

As you follow Father Deutsch's investigation, you'll discover the remarkable role played by Emmerich's visions in the discovery of Mary's house in Ephesus. You'll also explore the rich traditions and legends surrounding the shrine, from the earliest Church writings to modern-day accounts. And with Father Deutsch's own eyewitness account of his visit to the shrine, you'll experience firsthand the profound significance of this sacred place.

The book also includes an exhaustive appendix featuring key patristic, conciliar, and papal documents that shed light on the history and significance of Mary's house in Ephesus. Whether you're a historian, a scholar, or simply a devoted Catholic seeking a deeper understanding of Mary's life and legacy, "Our Lady of Ephesus" is a must-read that will captivate and inspire you.

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