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Seven Ways of the Cross

Seven Ways of the Cross

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The Way of the Cross is a beloved devotional practice that has been a cornerstone of Christian spirituality for centuries. But what if you're looking for more than just a traditional Way of the Cross? Look no further than "Seven Ways of the Cross" by Jesuit Father Jean Galot.

This inspiring book presents a unique and accessible approach to praying the Way of the Cross, offering readers a choice of seven different pathways to accompany Christ to Golgotha. Each path is tailored to a specific mindset or intention, allowing readers to tailor their prayer experience to their individual needs and dispositions.

Father Galot's guidance is both erudite and accessible, making it easy for readers to follow along as they journey with Christ to Golgotha. The book includes a Short Way of the Cross, perfect for busy days or those seeking a quick and profound reflection; a Marian Way of the Cross, meditating on the role of Mary in Christ's Passion and her relationship with us; a Contemplative Way of the Cross, entering into a deeper state of contemplation and connection with God; and more.

The book also includes a Pictorial Way of the Cross, beautifully illustrated with paintings by Caryll Houselander, which add an extra layer of depth and emotion to your prayer experience.

Whether you're seeking a deeper connection with Christ during Lent or throughout the liturgical year, "Seven Ways of the Cross" is a perfect companion for meditation and devotion. May it draw you closer to the Heart of Christ and deepen your spiritual practice.

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