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St. Benedict Metal Bracelet

St. Benedict Metal Bracelet

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Embrace the timeless protection and spiritual strength of St. Benedict with this beautifully crafted metal bracelet. This elegant and elasticated bracelet features 11 round St. Benedict medals and a central cross bead, interspersed with 12 spherical metal beads for a striking and harmonious design.

Each St. Benedict medal is meticulously detailed, symbolizing the saint's powerful protection against evil and his enduring legacy of faith and devotion. The central cross bead adds a sacred focal point, enhancing the bracelet's spiritual significance.

Designed for comfort and durability, this St. Benedict bracelet effortlessly fits most wrist sizes, making it perfect for daily wear or as a meaningful gift. Whether worn as a personal devotional item or shared with a loved one, it serves as a constant reminder of St. Benedict's blessings and protection.

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