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St Nicholas Owen: Priest-Hole Maker

St Nicholas Owen: Priest-Hole Maker

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Meet St Nicholas Owen, a remarkable figure in Catholic history who played a crucial role in saving the lives of countless priests and fugitives during the turbulent reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. As a skilled joiner and craftsman, Owen built and hid numerous priest-holes, secret shelters that allowed Catholic priests to evade capture and persecution.

This is the first detailed biography of Owen, a man who was both an ordinary craftsman and an extraordinary hero. From his humble beginnings as a carpenter's son in Oxford to his apprenticeship as a joiner, Owen's early life laid the foundation for his later adventures. He worked as a servant to Father Henry Garnet SJ, a Jesuit priest, and was involved in numerous escapades, including the daring escape of Father John Gerard from the Tower of London in 1597.

Despite being tortured and imprisoned, Owen continued to assist the English Mission, building and maintaining priest-holes across England. His work is still visible today in country houses and mansions across the country.

This book tells the fascinating story of St Nicholas Owen's life, from his early days to his eventual capture and death on the rack in the Tower of London in 1606. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, this biography sheds new light on Owen's remarkable career and his important role in preserving Catholicism in England during a time of great persecution.

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