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The Annunciation - The Crown, the Fruit and the Journey by Fr. Gerard Mary Toman

The Annunciation - The Crown, the Fruit and the Journey by Fr. Gerard Mary Toman

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Explore the sacred mystery of the Annunciation with Fr. Gerard Mary Toman in "The Annunciation - The Crown, the Fruit and the Journey." Fr. Toman, a Conventual Franciscan priest and esteemed theologian, brings his profound insights and spiritual depth to this pivotal moment in religious history. Serving as Guardian and Rector of the Oxford Friary, he draws upon years of devotion and scholarly study to illuminate the angel Gabriel's visitation to the Virgin Mary.

This book delves into the Annunciation's significance as depicted in Sacred Scripture, weaving together theological reflections with practical spiritual guidance. Fr. Toman shares the wisdom he imparted at The Walsingham Association’s Annual Retreat (October 2023), making this work an essential companion for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Mary’s role in the divine plan.

Fr. Toman's extensive background includes ministering at the Shrine in Walsingham, special delegation for the Militia of the Immaculata in Great Britain and Ireland, and a Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. His academic and pastoral experiences enrich this comprehensive exploration, making it a valuable resource for theologians, clergy, and laypersons alike.

Published by The Walsingham Association, this book not only provides scholarly insights but also reflects the daily realities of faith, offering readers a path to spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine mystery of the Annunciation.

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