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Thinking as Though God Exists: Newman on Evangelizing the "Nones"

Thinking as Though God Exists: Newman on Evangelizing the "Nones"

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In today's post-modern society, the "nones" - those who do not identify with any religious affiliation - have become a significant challenge to the Christian faith. Despite the West's material prosperity, our culture has lost its moral foundation and is struggling to find meaning and purpose. In "Thinking as Though God Exists", Catholic philosopher Ryan Topping presents a compelling cultural strategy for the New Evangelization, drawing on the wisdom of St. John Henry Newman.

Topping argues that in order to convert secular culture, we need to reconstitute and re-propose a coherent and emotionally satisfying account of faith and culture. He shows how Newman's concept of an integrative habit of mind - a way of thinking that integrates faith, reason, and experience - can be applied to various aspects of life, including the family, art, education, and community.

Through this book, readers will discover how to rebuild the family, recover artistic traditions, reimagine the liberal arts, and reestablish local priestly vocations. Topping provides a comprehensive framework for believers to re-engage with the world and share their faith with others in a meaningful way.

"Thinking as Though God Exists" is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the challenges facing Christianity in today's society and to develop a strategy for sharing the Gospel with others. It is a call to action, encouraging readers to think creatively and compassionately about how to evangelize our culture and restore it to its rightful place as a reflection of God's love.

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